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A Pre-AAO message from Dr. Adam Schulhof on Grin Innovation

We’ve all been scrambling this week with that pre-AAO energy that’s even more evident this year, after not having been in person for so long. For me, this year is especially hectic as I am going to my 22nd AAO not just as a doctor or speaker, but for the first time as an exhibitor.

I woke up this Tuesday morning excited that AAO was drawing closer, excited to see my colleagues and friends face-to-face again, and excited to show our community all that is new, innovative and cutting edge with Grin. I was quickly disheartened when an email hit my inbox from a reporter asking me to comment on patent allegations made by a competitor. Grin has always focused on independently developing the best technology and bringing new innovations to our community. I was surprised that anyone in our community and industry would accuse Grin of patent infringement. Here, I was particularly surprised because the competitor never reached out to us to discuss any patent concerns. Had they done so, I am confident that we could have demonstrated that Grin technology was independently developed and is very different from their technology. Given the fact that they did not attempt to meet us prior to initiating legal action and did not have access to our proprietary technology prior to filing their patent suit (and, thus, did not understand the nature of our technology), I must sadly assume that the patent suit was filed 2 days before AAO in order to distract customers and our community from the incredible technology and experience we offer to our customers and partners.   

So many of you know me well, and know how passionate I am about orthodontics and ecstatic about being a clinician. Grin has been an amazing result of always wanting to advance our specialty and feeling frustrated that others outside of “us” were trying to shape Orthodontics in a way that left responsible care behind.

These past years have been a testament to our mission as we have independently created something unique, innovative, and revolutionary in the oral care space. Thousands of hours have been spent meticulously developing cutting-edge hardware and software that is enabling a BETTER relationship between doctors and patients.

Grin stands behind the rights of individuals and companies to protect their inventions, when it’s actually valid to do so. We stand by our team, our work, our creation and will vigorously defend it. Our team looks forward to continuing to do what we do best: changing the face of oral care and working towards our goals of helping people get better, responsible access to quality care. 

So many of you have wonderfully reached out to ask how to help. Rest assured that we will continue to fight the good fight for all of us and look forward to welcoming each of you at our booth this weekend.