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Partner Series - Windy City Orthodontics

Partner Series | Windy City Orthodontics

Get to know local practices utilizing Grin to reach their patients remotely through our orthodontic Partner Series. We’re kicking off our series with Windy City Orthodontics.

Starting an orthodontic practice from scratch, especially in a large city, is no easy feat. Chicago native, Darren Pakravan, DDS, MS, beat the odds and is now celebrating the 10th anniversary of his practice, Windy City Orthodontics in Chicago, Illinois. In a city that demands excellence, he’s continually adapted to meet and exceed his patients’ needs.

Part of Dr. Pakravan’s expertise is understanding Chicago’s demographics and how to best serve them. He operates a diverse community that brings a healthy mix of kids/teens, young adults, and adults. This customer base caused his practice to allocate a large share of chair time to aligner treatments.

Efficiency within an orthodontic practice that treats a variety of cases and patients is crucial.

For Windy City Orthodontics, efficient time and task management are requisite to: reduce capital expenditures on expensive appliances, preserve doctor’s limited time, minimize staffing issues, anticipate bad weather, and navigate practice complications brought on by COVID-19.

Here’s how Grin’s Remote Monitoring helped Windy City efficiently operate its practice while maintaining quality patient care.

Dr. Pakravan began using Grin to treat patients remotely in January 2021. Since its implementation, Windy City Orthodontics now monitors 192 patients in only six months. That equals over 573 patient self-scans coming to Dr. Pakravan through Grin Scope—an FDA-registered device that captures high-quality intraoral teeth scans. That’s a lot of Grins!

“Grin has allowed us to reduce our aligner visits to only those appointments where we need to physically provide treatments—rescans, IPR, attachments, etc.—while simultaneously keeping a more frequent eye on patients in treatment,” said Dr. Pakravan. “The assistants are able to monitor the scans and get my input as the treating doctor as needed. Plus, it frees up patient time, as they only need to spend a couple of minutes at a time that’s convenient for their schedule rather than take time to come to visit us during office hours for routine checks.”

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