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Remote Monitoring

As the world changes because of COVID-19, so does the world of dental care. Grin is now providing remote monitoring.

For Providers

Invite your patients to start remote monitoring: viewing patient scans, and communicating remotely.

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For Patients

Download the app to get started with your provider, taking remote scans, and staying in touch.

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For $199/month you will receive:

  • Unlimited number of patients
  • Unlimited patient self-scans
  • Priority support
  • Grin scopes at a reduced charge of $24/patient

* Subscription billed annually

  • + Subscription
  • + Grin Scope
  • + Support

= $35 per patient

* Based on 225 new patients per year

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when a patient sends me a message or uploads a scan?
Our platform allows you, the doctor, and additional team members, receive emails and sms notifications upon any patient activity, scan, image or message upload. You can adjust your preferences in our notification center.
How do my team members and I get trained to use Grin?
We have simple 1-minute videos (See Example Link) for doctors and patients, or longer webinar recordings, for a more comprehensive platform deep dive. For webinar schedules and recordings, or discussing with our product specialists email anytime.
Can I give my team access to my online portal?
Yes, you can share your login email and password for your team to access the doctor portal from multiple devices.You can also have multiple team members receive notifications with every new patient activity so that everyone is in the know and responds to the patient in a timely manner.

Do you have any marketing materials I can use to promote my practice’s new virtual offerings via Grin?
Yes, we offer social media posts, website banners, email templates and so much more, designed just for you to add your unique practice logo. Please email to get access to these assets.
Is the Grin scope available in multiple sizes?
The Grin scope is currently available in one size, which was optimized for use with a large range of ages and mouth structures.
Can I use Grin with kids under the age of 18?
Yes. For patients 12 years old and under, the Grin Remote Monitoring App invitation should be sent to their parent or guardian.
How do I add a new patient to Grin?
It is easy, in your doctor web-portal, simply select the "Invite Patient" button and enter the patient designated email. Don't forget! you must invite a patient in your portal before handing them a Grin Scope.
How do I order additional scopes?
Additional scopes can be ordered by emailing Active members have exclusive access to order unlimited scopes. To learn more about how to become an active member please contact
Is the Grin scope reusable?
The Grin scope is designed to be used multiple times by a single patient. The scope can be hand washed with warm water and dish soap or by placing it on the top rack of the dishwasher.