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Our Story

The Convenience of Modern. The Quality of Traditional.

Straight and healthy teeth are basically a constitutional right. How can you pursue happiness if you’re embarrassed to smile? Yet, thousands of people still don’t have access to quality, affordable orthodontic care. Low cost options and the promise of false convenience has lured many patients away from traditional methods. Now, we have an environment where “DIY” companies have convinced consumers that aligners without clinical touch points and direct supervision are a safe solution for a majority of cases. The demand for professional, quality care has led to an unprecedented opportunity in orthodontics: now is the time to leverage technology and apply it to consumer demand in a manner that is safe, convenient, and cost-effective.

Co-Founders Dr. Adam Schulhof DMD, Pamela Oren-Artzi, and Alon Lipnik envision a world where technological advances in imaging, remote digital solutions, and trusted oversight align to achieve cost-effective expert care. Adam, Grin CEO, brings more than two decades of orthodontic expertise with pioneering the latest innovations in orthodontic technology. Grin COO Pam has a multidisciplinary background cultivated at Fortune 100 companies including Apple and C3.ai. Alon, Grin VP of Engineering, has more than a decade of software engineering experience including lead roles in electrical and software engineering at Cisco.

Together, they created Grin to redefine the doctor-patient experience. The Grin innovative platform conveniently matches patients with local orthodontists and provides cutting edge technology that gives patients affordability options while reducing office visits. Grin offers patients what they truly need while keeping orthodontists in the care loop.