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Grin Brings Big Smiles to AAO Annual Session in Miami Beach

In May, Grin traveled down to sunny Miami Beach to attend the world’s greatest celebration of orthodontics, The American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session. Finally, after two years of being virtual, the AAO was back in full glory and Grin was there in full force and engaged orthodontists from all over the country looking to explore the latest, most cutting-edge solutions to modern orthodontics.


The Grin setup consisted of offering practitioners the chance to experience the full Grin system.  From samples of our intra-oral adapter to tablets that demonstrate the doctor portal, Grin staff was on-hand to walk doctors through what a Grin office could look like.  Thousands of orthodontists and their team members came through the booth. Traffic was constant every day, from when the doors opened to when they closed. 


Grin lit the event, not just because of its cool booth backlit mirrors, but also because of the smiles put on the attendees’ faces seeing those scans for the first time.



Grin CEO Dr. Adam Schulhof was on-site to walk fellow practitioners through the Grin experience, meet with like-minded industry leaders, and learn about the latest in orthodontics that his industry has to offer. At AAO, Dr. Schulhof was a judge on the Ortho Tank – Ortho Tank offers developers of some of today’s most cutting-edge orthodontic products an opportunity to pitch potential investors for funding. Inspired by the television series Shark Tank, Ortho Tank will be hosted by AAO Trustee Dr. Trista Felty. 




The bulk of the Grin team was there to encourage practitioners to #GetGrin. Pictured here from left to right:: Kevin Dore, Zach Smekal, Gillian Cabanski, Yarden Eilat, Pam Oren-Artzi, Debbie Dickey-Pate, Tanner Flournoy, Megan Gillette 



Our team took attendees through the true Grin experience from start to finish, offering demos every 15 minutes which showcased the Grin patient app, a Grin scan with the Scope, and a demo of the doctor portal experience to tie everything together. It was a great representation of the Grin ecosystem and gave doctors and teams a 360-view of what Grin is for the patient and doctor.  


The booth had “Grin experience centers” built within the booth that had everything to simulate a true experience: Computers + monitors to project, mirrors for self-scanning, and scopes. Everyone was encouraged to experience a Grin Scan by using the Scope—this was a huge hit and many people took advantage. 


Grin was able to take this rare opportunity to be able to showcase the full Grin experience at an industry conference: from a patient point-of-view to a doctor’s experience. We created the ability for someone to walk into an industry event, and within 30 seconds, be able to view images of their teeth as never seen before, all with just using their mobile device.  Our attendees were consistently blown away by the quality and ease of use.   



The Grin booth had visitors from all over the world. So many were impressed by the quality of scans and the ease of use with the Grin Scope. 


Here are just a sampling of the reactions Grin received:

“Thank you for making Grin affordable for the provider and much easier for patients.”

“How have I not heard of you yet?!”

“This is a no-brainer!”

“I wish I would have had this in my practice a year ago…”


We were truly humbled by the incredibly positive response from doctors and admirers of our brand, product, and technology. We are looking forward to the AAO 2023 Annual Session!