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Wentz Orthodontics - Partner Series - Grin

Partner Series | Wentz Orthodontics

Get to know local practices utilizing Grin to reach their patients remotely through our orthodontic Partner Series. We’re featuring Wentz Orthodontics.

If you’re in the Texas or New Mexico area, you may be familiar. Wentz Orthodontics is an established provider with 10 locations throughout Texas and New Mexico with strong family values.

The practice is led by a dynamic brother and sister duo: Dr. Ed Wentz and Dr. Holly Reeves. Their love for orthodontics began with their father. He was also an orthodontist and the US Army’s consultant to the Surgeon General. The practice now has 5 orthodontists, including Dr. Wentz and Dr. Reeves, and a supportive team on a mission to give their patients an extraordinary experience with great clinical results.

COVID presented new challenges to the Wentz team.

During the shutdown, they were doing virtual consultations with new and current patients while dealing with staffing challenges. “We needed to learn how to do more with less yet maintain quality and strong relationships with our patients and team,” said Dr. Wentz.

With the decrease in COVID cases, the practice experienced explosive growth and faced a need to hire and train new teammates. Rather than just having experienced staff work harder, they leveraged their expertise and experience to work efficiently.

“Grin looked like a tool that might help us reach that goal, and the entry was minimal,” said Dr. Wentz. “Our thought was that Grin would not only help us establish better relationships and clinical efficiency, but by being early adopters it might also help serve as a marketing piece.”

As the industry evolves from analog to digital in so many areas of our lives, Wentz believes being an early adopter might give a practice an advantage and opportunity to be seen as a leader in technology and convenience for their patients.

“Our team started deploying Grin in January and we are ­so excited about the possibilities and the future ahead.” – Dr. Wentz

We couldn’t agree more with Dr. Wentz and are equally excited to have Wentz Orthodontics changing lives one Grin at a time.

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