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Partner Series | Dr. Nicozisis

Get to know local practices utilizing Grin to reach their patients remotely through our orthodontic Partner Series. This month, we’re featuring Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis.

If you’re in the Princeton, New Jersey area, you may know Dr. Nicozisis. He’s a diamond Invisalign provider with two locations—Princeton Orthodontics and West Windsor Orthodontics— that consults his patients using innovative technology like Grin’s Remote Consultation and more.

With over 22 years in Orthodontics, Dr. Nicozisis has diligently designed treatment plans with Invisalign aligners. While he has perfected treatments plans, Dr. Nicozisis saw an opportunity in leveraging Grin’s Remote Consultation to cultivate new business for his practices. 

“Listening to Adam Schulhof (whom I’ve known for many years) discuss potentially engaging consumers is when the bells started ringing loud and clear in my head about the possibilities of using the Grin Scope and the Grin technology for remote consultation,” said Dr. Nicozisis.

Dr. Nicozisis became a “unicorn” in his area by offering Remote Consultation in 2021. Since marketing Remote Consultation through terrestrial radio ads, social media, and a pop-up on his website, he has completed 43 consults virtually and counting! 

“It’s simple. When I get into the office, I review my new leads, record my scan review, and send it to the patient – all of which takes 3 minutes,” said Dr. Nicozisis. “Once it’s done, I’ll share the details with my team to follow up and schedule an in-person assessment.”

He also noted his patients love Grin and the Remote Consultation process as it creates engagement and curiosity before they get into the practice. 

By the time they come into my practice, I have already addressed their curiosity and they easily commit to treatment following a proper examination, diagnostic records, and discussion of treatment options.  It’s really a teed-up easy sell due to the personal touch and engagement Grin Scope technology allows prior to meeting in person to better convert consumers into patients.

There’s also a cost-benefit to leveraging and marketing Remote Consultation, as Dr. Nicozisis noted. “It’s $25 for the Grin Scope® and $15 for the shipping. I will happily pay $40 for a targeted lead. Let’s say I spent $200 on five leads, and one starts treatment. Well, it cost me $200 to generate $6,800 revenue in my practice.” That’s a 34X’s ROI with minimal time investment to convert a new patient, which was only 15 minutes in this example.

“Those are the types of metrics that I think tell a much more impactful story,” said Dr. Nicozisis.

We appreciate the opportunity to give our orthodontic partners, like Dr. Nicozisis, market advantage and the tools to consult with new patients to connect with providers to achieve a beautiful, healthy grin.

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